Mary and Paul McCartney’s Great Food

In our September/October 2013 issue, Mary McCartney shares recipes from her new cookbook FOOD: Vegetarian Home Cooking. She also describes the vegetarian kitchen of her childhood. There, Sir Paul and photographer chef Linda McCartney were simply “Dad” and “Mum” preparing and cooking meat-free meals for their family.

For more on the book and the McCartney family’s Meat Free Mondays project, see the videos below. And don’t miss the chance to see Sir Paul himself making music in the kitchen!

FOOD: Vegetarian Home Cooking

Mary McCartney talks about how she remembers eating healthy, vegetarian food with her parents, but doesn’t like vegetables on their own, so she shares tips for improving the flavor without piling on junk. Healthy food disguised deliciously? Count us in.

Meat Free Monday: A Message to the Schools from Paul McCartney

Already promoted in some parts of the world, Meat Free Mondays has a new and avid supporter in Sir Paul, who explains in this video how eating vegetarian isn’t just good for your health—it’s good for the environment, too.

Meat Free Monday Song by Paul McCartney

Because the best endorsements are musical ones–especially when the one doing the endorsing is an ex-Beatle!