April Brings Baby Showers

A recent influx of first-time pregnancies in my circle of friends means that I have been playing a myriad of baby shower games! Now that I’m in the process of planning a baby shower, I fear that I won’t be able to think of an original game to help celebrate the happy occasion. Here’s a list of games I’ve played. If you have any new ideas, I’d greatly appreciate the suggestions!

Name the Candy Bar – Candy bars melted in baby diapers are passed around the room as guests stick their noses in the diaper attempting to guess what kind of candy bar it is. (This game provides “Kodak moments” a plenty!)

Wrap the Mommy – Guests tear off the number of squares of toilet paper they estimate it will take to wrap around the new mommy’s tummy.

Baby Food Sampling – Guests pass around jars of baby food (labels removed) as they smell or taste the contents and write down their guess of baby food.

Baby Price Is Right – guests are shown different baby items such as wipes, diapers, rattles, bibs, and such. The goal is to correctly guess the price of the items. The guest who comes the closest wins.

Baby Bingo – Each guest is given a bingo card with baby gifts in each square. As the guest of honor unwraps presents, the guests mark off those that appear on their bingo card.

Sticker Swap – Each guest is provided a sticker with instructions that they may not speak words such as baby, cute, or girl, and if they are heard uttering one of those words by another guest, that guest takes their sticker. The person with the most stickers at the end of the shower wins.

Name The Parents – Photos of celebrity children clipped from pop-culture magazines are passed around as guests determine which celebrity parents belong to each child.