Cartoons: Be a Sport!

Inside the team's locker room, the football coach asks his players where the correct touchdown goal was. Confused and embarrased players look at eachother, pointing fingers.
“During the first half, did any of you happen to notice that other goal, down at the far, far end?”
Ernie Garza
December 9, 1944



A boxer is on the fighting ring mat, and the ref is giving the knock-out count. The boxer, looking up at the ref, asks why the ref skipped '6' in the countdown.
“Hey! What happened to six?”
Mischa Richter
December 23, 1944



A woman is bowling in front of spectators. She is throwing the ball down the lane like a shot putter. A spectator comments that, although the form is uncoventional, she does manage to get the ball down the lane.
“Not much form – but she gets the ball down the alley.”
December 28, 1957



A hockey goalie has his eyes covered by an opposing player's hand while another player takes a shot. A spectator leans to his friends and comments that the foward line is doing a great job working together.
“The new forward line really works well together!”



A golfer -- decked out in a golfer's shirt, pants, cleats, hat, and golf clubs -- speaks to his wife about his day at the course. He says that he lost balls, clubs, and his friends.
“I lost eight balls, two clubs, and three friends.”
July 1, 1970



A tennis coach is watching one of his students play with the kid's mom. The kid is throwing a fit on the tennis court. The coach leans over to the boy's mother and says that the kid is acting like a champion would.
“He has the makings of a champion, Mrs. Simpson.”
Nick Downes
April 1, 1990



A boxer is laid out on a cot in his locker room. Medics and his trainer surround him. His trainer moves in close and tells him that he came in second in the boxing match.
“You came in second.”
Nick Downes
November 1, 1996



A shark on a fishing dock proudly displays his catch to his buddy: A confused fisherman. The shark friend takes a picture.
January 1, 1998



A golfer is at the tee, thinking (with a visible thought bubble) that his shot will make a hole-in-one. His friends, however, are thinking that his shot will go into water, a bunker, or the jaws of an allegator.
Bill Maul
September 1, 2004



Three baseball players sit on a bench. Two skinny ones with the numbers '1' and '2' on the backs of their uniforms; the third one, who is very large, has a '345' on his uniform.
May 1, 2011