Norman Rockwell Goes to the Dogs

Norman Rockwell loved his dogs, and many of them ended up on the covers of the Post. Here are some of our favorite furry friends.


Making Friends
September 28, 1929

One of the dogs on this September 29, 1929 cover was a Rockwell family pet preparing for travel. Would that be the one with the “R” around his neck? It would indeed be Raleigh Rockwell. Maybe Rockwell scrounged up the other mutt from around the neighborhood. Perhaps the boy as well.


Practice Makes Perfect
Norman Rockwell
November 7, 1931

Music is in the ear of the beholder. It would appear that the mutt on the 1931 cover has more of an ear for music than the trumpeter. The cover is called “Practice Makes Perfect,” but from the look on the dog’s adorable face, there is a long way to go. The bag of potatoes? The “music man” was taking a break from his grocery job for practice.


Old man sleeping in fishing boat
Golden Days
Norman Rockwell
July 19, 1930

Grandpa can snooze away a sunny day, but never fear. Fido is watching carefully to see if there’s a tug on the line. We think we know who the fisherman in the family is on this 1930 cover. Note the jug of cider staying cool in the water.


Hobo Stealing Pie
August 18, 1928

A hobo in 1928 is not faring so well. A family dog caught him stealing a pie, presumably left on a windowsill to cool. Rover is nipping him right where it counts. Love the polka-dot socks.


Man with his dog
Norman Rockwell
September 27, 1924

An irresistible cover is “Pals” from 1924. Hobos were a popular theme in the 1920’s and while this gentleman may be down and out, he’s certainly somebody special to this dog. Admit it, it kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?


Spilled the Paint
Norman Rockwell
October 2, 1937

But alas, dogs will be dogs, as Rockwell shows us in the October 2, 1937 cover. A worker has painted a perfect white line on the street. At least until a rambunctious dog chases an unfortunate cat across the fresh paint. Ah, well, all in a day’s work.