Predictions: Can Diet Prevent Heart Attacks?

By the 1960s, research was already showing that the typical American diet increased the risk of heart attack. This article from the January 25, 1964, issue of the Post shared new studies about attempts to reduce the risk.

Man eating out of fridge
Richard Sargent, © SEPS

The great hope and challenge lie in the facts that any man can control the risks of heart attack by controlling his living habits. There is no guarantee that by reducing each risk he can escape or postpone a heart attack, but there is a mounting mass of evidence that he can build some protection. Controlling even one of these hazards should boost the chances for longer life. Control them all, and your heart, in a sense, gets nine lives.

Can Diet Prevent Heart Attacks?
Click to read “Can Diet Prevent Heart Attacks?” by Alton L. Blakeslee, from the January 25, 1964 issue of the Post.

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