Cartoons: Psych

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Man winding a giant ball of string
“His psychiatrist said he should take up a hobby.”
December 6, 1952


Psychiatrist speaks to his patient
“God forbid your mother should ever hear you say things like that.”
Harley Schwadron
November 1, 1975


Psychiatrist speaks to his patient
“Well, actually, I’m not too fond of diced bananas with catchup and horse-radish myself. What are some of your other dislikes?”
Jack Tippit
October 25, 1958


Man shares a psychiast's couch with his mother during a therapy session
“First of all Mr. Hawley, I would say you have a strong mother complex.”
June 26, 1954


Man hides underneath a psychiatric couch
“…and just how long, Mr. Pimbrook, have you had this extreme fear of high places?”
Dick MacDonald
April 26, 1952


Man stands on the ceiling of his psychiatrist's office
“And when did you first start thinking of yourself as a common housefly, Mr. Tyson?”
March 14, 1953


Man and two of his friends sit on a psychaitrist's couch
“And then I produced my colossalest picture of all! Right, Flinch? Right, Tompkins?
Bill Yates
January 1, 1955


Your mental health is important, especially in trying times like these. If you need assistance, here are some resources: