Ready, Set, Get Moving!

Family on a hike
Hike or bike trails to explore the great outdoors. Photo courtesy Shutterstock.

Exploring the great outdoors can be a springboard to better health, says Dr. Mary Reimer, director of the Reimer Wellness Center in Palo Alto, California.

For starters, drink plenty of water and stretch before being active. Then, slather on the sunscreen. Finally, jump-start your healthiest year ever with Dr. Reimer’s tips for day trips that leave you energized—not exhausted!

1. Explore new places. Scope out choice destinations via bike and hike paths. Resist the urge to see as many things as possible from the car.

2. Enjoy new activities. Pack up the kids and play beach volleyball or tackle an outdoor adventure course. Alternatively, sign up for a yoga retreat, or plant the garden or flower bed you’ve always wanted.

3. Eat new foods. While you are out and about, discover tasty seasonal snacks (and save calories) at farmers markets and produce stands—not at the gas station. When eating out, watch portion sizes and savor a variety of local flavors by sharing entrees with family members or ordering smaller appetizers.

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