Cartoons: Home Improvement

Old diy cartoon from Octover 1, 1955

“How’s old Do-it-Yourself this morning?”
October 1955

Spraying blinds cartoon from October 17, 1953

“She’s in the back, spraying venetian blinds.”
October 1953

Fixing a leak cartoon from October 24, 1942

“That certainly isn’t how I’d fix a leak in the roof.”
October 1942

painting porch cartoon from August 6, 1949

“Say, now, aren’t you the clever one?”
August 1949

Saving on cabinets cartoon from July/August 1993

“Charlie saved a bundle by
building our cabinets himself … that is,
if you don’t count what the hospital charged for sewing his thumb back on.”
July/August 1993

Painting cartoon from March 29, 1952

“Well! I just hope my living room walls look half as pretty as you do!”
March 1952