Cartoons: The Office

The cure for a hard day at work? Laughing about it, of course.

“Ms. Martin, I’ve been meaning to have a little chat with you about your cubicle addition.”


“…and all those opposed to my idea signify by saying ‘I resign.’”


“The good news, Harcourt, is that I don’t know what I’d do without you around here—the bad news is that I’m about to find out.”


“We’ll add extra to your severance package if you promise to go work for our competition.”


“How long have you been working here, Gilbert?” “Since I heard you coming down the hall!”


“So this is hell? It looks just like my old office.”


“You put me in charge of employee morale. If you take away everyone’s million-dollar bonus, it’s going to undo everything I’ve accomplished!”

Cartoons: Office Life

A desk job can be drudgery, but we’ll help you find the pleasure in paper pushing.

“Here it is, Mr. Stensen! I told you it wasn’t lost!”
Ben Roth
January 3, 1948


“Perhaps we should give him a two-dollar raise. His morale appears to be rather low.”
December 29, 1956


“The trouble with getting to work on time is that it makes the day so long.”
Edgar Argo
January 1, 2000


“I didn’t say you were to blame. I said I’m blaming you.”
March 1, 2003


“We’ll add extra to your severance package if you promise to go to work for the competition.”
Roy Delgado
July 1, 2007


“Actually, Mr. Brown, our retirement system is fairly uncomplicated — you just work till you’re dead.”
May 1, 2010


“Normally, a suspended sentence isn’t considered an ‘award or honor’.”
January 1, 1989


“You’re wasting your time, Walpole! That approach has been tried before!”
December 11, 1943


Ed Hunter
December 25, 1943