Classic Covers: The Month of March

Windy, rainy, dreary days and then…a new bloom! And let us not forget St. Patrick.

Shamrock Chapeau – Charles Kaiser

Shamrock Chapeau by Charles Kaiser
Shamrock Chapeau
Charles Kaiser
March 20, 1943

It is 1943 and you need ration coupons to buy everything from gasoline to sugar to clothing. Aye, and this foolish lass spent her clothing coupons for a Kelly green hat for St. Pat’s Day? Well, the way she looks in shamrocks and green…perhaps she wasn’t so silly after all. Artist Charles Kaiser painted five Post covers in 1942 and 1943. This is one of the prettiest ever.

First Crocus – Norman Rockwell

First Crocus by Norman Rockwell
First Crocus
Norman Rockwell
March 22, 1947

The official title is “First Crocus” but I call this cover, “Hey, Honey!” I am just as goofy and thrilled each year when I see that first bloom peeking through the cold ground. Rockwell worked on this cover in the dead of winter, and it was a challenge indeed to find a crocus. The artist called greenhouse after greenhouse to no avail. He finally had one shipped from a swanky New York florist that specialized in out-of-season blooms. The tiny pot of crocus cost a tidy bundle, but Norman was a stickler for detail.

Young Woman in Wind

Young Woman in Wind by W.H. Coffin
Young Woman in Wind
W.H. Coffin
March 13, 1915

Readers have asked if we know who the artist models were on Post covers. The answer is, almost never. But this young lady with the enviably long, thick, wavy hair showed up on several covers by artist W.H. Coffin. This time, she’s holding on to her hat in the March wind. If you have questions on Post covers or Post artists, e-mail me at: [email protected] or leave a comment below.

Wind Blowing Man’s Umbrella Inside-Out

Wind Blowing Man's Umbrella Inside Out
Wind Blowing Man\’s Umbrella Inside Out
March 19, 1911

A classic cover from March 1911 shows what the March winds can really do. Guess what, mister? A whole century later umbrellas still do this!

St. Paddy Cake for Policemen

St. Paddy Cake for Policeman
St. Paddy Cake for Policeman
March 16, 1940

The Irish cop may be a stereotype, but the boys in the 17th Precinct will love this! If this charming lady wants to bake a cake for our editorial department, we’ll all gladly claim we’re Irish, too. Come to think of it, on March 17th we ARE all Irish. Reprints of Post covers are available at and, as always, we enjoy reader comments.