March/April 2017 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-Up

Angel of Spring kissing a melting snowman
Paul Stahr, © SEPS

A nymph in the first blush of spring
Spied a snowman and fancied a fling.
But her kiss was his last;
He was melting, and fast,
While pondering love and its sting.

Congratulations to Karen Eastlund of Raritan, New Jersey! For her limerick, Karen wins $25 and our gratitude for her witty and entertaining poem describing Paul Stahr’s March 7, 1925, cover Kissing Winter Goodbye.

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We received a lot of great limericks. Here are some of the other ones that made us smile, in no particular order:

“As she kissed his cold cheek on that day,
The snowman began to decay.
The kiss, so sublime,
Was construed as a crime.
But the evidence melted away.”

—Al Cross, Sacramento, California

A butterfly’s kiss and a cuddle
Left Frosty the man in a muddle.
He winked at his mate,
Resigned to his fate,
Then promptly dissolved in a puddle.

—Michelle Gordon, Airway Heights, Washington

A pretty young moth of a miss
Gave a snowman a very wet kiss.
He cried, “Please don’t do it.
I cannot but rue it.
I’m melting without your assist!”

—Louis Hirsch, Vallejo, California

Frosty could tell things weren’t right
By his sweltering feeling that night.
He shouldn’t have broke
With his cold icy Coke
And ordered that sweet steamy Sprite.

—Suellen Mayfield, Venice, California

The snowman was Lord of the farms;
The fairy was known for her charms.
He invited her in
for a kiss on the chin,
then melted away in her arms!

—Carl Nord, Bainbridge Island, Washington

Are these two really a match?
Not sure either one is a catch.
Top hat and a broom
Don’t suggest bride and groom —
Are they part of a plot that might hatch?

—Dolores Sahelian, Mission Viejo, California

It was time for warm spring to draw nigh,
And the delicate snowman knew why.
But he had lots of pride.
So he took it in stride.
“I’m averse to a mushy goodbye!”

—Roy Skibiski, Lawndale, California

Frosty, your weight loss is drastic.
Your waistband will need an elastic.
If you keep on this way,
I’m sorry to say,
Next year you’ll be made out of plastic.

—Matt Stewart, Peterborough, Ontario

The fairy came down with a flutter.
“I love you snow-boy,” she did utter.
But her feather-light touch
warmed him up way too much,
and he melted and ran down the gutter.

—Adrian Turner, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK