Cartoons: Life’s Little Irritants

Telemarketers, road construction, commercials—our talented cartoonists know all about life’s little irritants.

Mar/Apr 1998
“Somebody’s having a bad day.”
From Jul/Aug 2002
from Jan/Feb 2007
“I got this feeling I know who’s gonna be the employee of the month.”
Jan/Feb 2007
from Jul/Aug 2002
“Of course I want to buy stocks from a complete stranger who interrupted my dinner.”
From Jul/Aug 2002
from Sept/Oct 2002
“I remember the good old days when all of the embarrassing TV commercials were about women.”
Sept/Oct 2002
from Sept/Oct 2010
“He’s clean … but do you think we should tell him about the enlarged prostate?”
Sept/Oct 2010
from Mar/Apr 1998
“It’s your turn to pick up the phone and say, ‘All our operators are busy: please stand by.’”
Mar/Apr 1998