Cartoons: Subway Fun

Man looking way from another on the subway
“Pssst! I’m over here now!”
November 9, 1946


Men on a subway read newspapers while another man reads out of a magic ball
Stan Hunt
May 8, 1948


Woman and man talking on a subway car
“My good man, I’ve been riding trolley cars for twenty-three years and I’ve never had any complaints before!”
May 8, 1948


Two women talk on a subway when a man interupts their conversation
April 17, 1948


Man on a subway points out to a woman that her undergarment is showing under her skirt
“Your slip’s showing, dear.”
March 27, 1948


An angry man confronts another in a cramped subway car.
“Yes, but sardines are dead and don’t mind it.”
Mischa Richter
March 11, 1944


Woman sits on a man's lap in a subway car, hoping he would move in embarrassment.
“This time it didn’t work. They usually get embarrassed and give me the seat.”
Charles Saxon
February 15, 1947


Woman sitting on a man's feet.
“Now that’s what I call a gentleman.”
Scott Taber
February 13, 1960