5-Minute Fitness: T’ai Chi for Calmness and Strength

T'ai Chi

Stronger muscles and better weight control are among the many benefits of t’ai chi. “In contrast to the Western ‘go for the burn’ workout, t’ai chi conserves your life energy to balance mind, body, and spirit,” says David-Dorian Ross of the PBS program T’ai Chi, Health & Happiness.

T’ai chi techniques can be practiced one by one or as a short flowing routine. Try these relaxing yet strengthening moves from Ross’ latest DVD, Intro to T’ai Chi, available at gaiam.com.

David-Dorian Ross

How-to Video: Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane

This move (aka Tossing the Frisbee in a Lunge) coordinates arm and leg movements.

David-Dorian Ross

How-to Video: Rooster Stands on One Leg

This exercise requires some balance and will help you build strength in your leg muscles.

David-Dorian Ross

How-to Video: Waving Hands Like Clouds

New practitioners of t’ai chi will love this basic, fluid move that requires very little footwork.