Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Piece together your own attractive centerpiece with these simple ideas.

The Gifted Centerpiece
Wrapping up small gift boxes or candy boxes and placing them in a large glass bowl is a simple yet elegant holiday display. Of course, your guests will be extra pleased if the boxes contain a tasty parting gift.

Fired-up Fruit
What do apples and oranges have in common? You can turn both of them into festive tea-candle holders. For apples: Carve out a circle in the top of the apple that matches the diameter of the tea candle. Cut down only as far as the depth of the tea candle. Sprinkle the exposed flesh with lemon juice to prevent browning, and place the tea candle in the apple. For oranges: Cut the orange in half. Scoop out the insides, leaving the rinds in tact. Place the tea candle in the bottom half. Cut a hole in the top half of the orange and place it on top of the bottom half.

Make it Personal
Place several small boxes of various heights in the center of the table. Cover them with a festive cloth to create your own “center stage.” Arrange your family photos on top of and around the boxes.

A Natural Solution
Use nontoxic spray paint to color pine cones. Arrange in a glass bowl filled with cranberries and pine needles for some earthy holiday decor. Or, for a tropical tablescape, fill several clear hurricane candle holders, preferable different sizes, with sea shells. Place in the center of the table on a small bed of palm fronds.

Save Room
For dessert! A tantalizing tiered dessert platter serves a dual purpose: It’s an appetizing center piece and a reminder to guests to save room for dessert. Alternatively, stock with fresh fruit and cheese and crackers.

Wreath Around the Roses
A small wreath adorned with holiday ornaments is perhaps the most versatile centerpiece. Fill the center with fresh flowers, small pumpkins, pine cones, gifts, or fruit for a bountiful center of attention.