Patton Addresses the Troops

This is an except from “These Are the Generals: Patton” by Ted Shane, from our February 6, 1943, issue. Read the complete article, below.

Gentlemen,” Patton said in a squeaky but sharp voice, “Let me warn you that this may be the last time you will use blank ammunition. I therefore remind you that you are in a killing business. Kill the other — before he kills you. The quicker you kill him and the farther forward you go, the longer you will live.

“The idea is to hold the enemy by the nose and kick him in the rumble seat.

“Don’t be afraid of how you will act in battle. You will act with courage. You will do your duty. Being under fire will scare you, but it isn’t as terrible as you think it is.

“Thanks to you men, we are ready. I shall be delighted to lead you against any enemy anywhere.”

And a dozen thousand and more of his men jumped to their feet to give him a burst of spontaneous applause.



Read “These Are the Generals — Patton” by Ted Shane. Published February 6, 1943 in the Post.