5-Minute Fitness: Tight Rope Tap

Try this balancing act from fitness expert Jessica Smith and Harvard neurologist Marie Pasinski in Smith’s DVD series Walk Strong: Total Transformation 6 Week System. “Walking along an imaginary tightrope engages the part of your brain that coordinates movement and will improve your agility and give you a more youthful stride,” Dr. Pasinski says.

Tight Rope Tap

1 With arms swinging naturally by sides, walk forward along a single line on the floor. Step forward right, left, right and then quickly lift left knee in front of hip, tapping the top of left thigh with both hands.

2 Immediately repeat pattern moving backward: Step back left, right, left and then lift right knee up in front of hip, tapping top of right thigh with both hands.

3 Repeat steps for a total of 4 reps. Then reverse, starting with left foot leading forward first for 4 additional reps. Add 1-3 sets to your regular workout any time you want to strengthen your body and your mind at the same time.