5-Minute Fitness: Forward Lunge

Work out your rear and hip flexors for better balance and lower-body strength with this move from twins and former Rockettes Katherine and Kimberly Corp, creators of PilatesOnFifthOnline.com.

Forward Lunge

1. Stand near stable surface for balance if needed.

2. Step forward with left leg, bending left knee only as much as is comfortable.

3. Tighten abdominal muscles to keep hip bones pointing forward.

4. Bend both knees a bit, keeping back knee under shoulder and hip. (The shoulder, hip, and knee should form one vertical line.) Hold for about 3 seconds.

5. Return to upright position and repeat steps 2 to 4, stepping forward with right leg.


Repetitions: Gradually increase to 6 repetitions, 4 times weekly.

Modification: To increase stretch in hip flexors, straighten back leg (as shown) prior to returning to upright position. Be sure to keep hip bones pointing forward.