Scott Tims’ Family History

In the Nov/Dec 2012 story “Treasuring Memories,” Scott Tims of Dallas, Texas, describes how he’s been impacted by the stories told around the holiday table.

In these videos, he’s compiled memories and photos from his grandmother, Eva Marie Brawner-Malone, 98, who grew up during the Great Depression in Grand Saline, Texas. (See also “Tracing Family Roots” to begin your own genealogy journey.)

The Joy of Genealogy and Family History

How was the world different for my grandfather? Why did my family come to America? What role did my ancestors play in the military? These questions are common, and many people are finding joy in discovering the answers. (See also “Tracing Family Roots” to begin your own genealogy journey.)

Genealogy for Beginners

Jumpstart your genealogy journey with these simple tips to discover family history and hard-to-find records. Also learn how to document and share the lives and stories of your ancestors, whether as a written history, scrapbook, DVD, or website. (See also “Tracing Family Roots” for more on documenting your family history.)

For more informational videos, visit FamilySearch’s YouTube channel.