Classic Covers: Fall Hunting Season

Our cover artists have depicted hunters, both comical and serious, since 1900. Here are a few.

No Hunting – Douglass Crockwell

No Hunting by Douglass Crockwell
No Hunting
Douglass Crockwell
October 28, 1939

I’ve always gotten a chuckle from this 1939 cover by artist Douglass Crockwell. No only did this hunter ignore the warning, he’s mad enough to add his own commentary – under the big “NO HUNTING” letters he’s scribbling, “You’re telling me.” Notice that the artist simply signed his covers “Douglass”. This was to avoid confusion with another artist – some guy with a similar last name.

No Hunting – Leslie Thrasher

No Hunting by Leslie Thrasher
No Hunting
Leslie Thrasher
September 5, 1914

When this guy says “no hunting,” he means it! One might say there have been flagrant violators, since the sign is riddled with bullet holes. We’ve had some cover artists who were wonderful at painting old codgers, and Leslie Thrasher was one of them. This cover is from 1914.

Springer Spaniels – J.F. Kernan

Springer Spaniels by J.F. Kernan
Springer Spaniels
J.F. Kernan
November 1, 1930

I’d know that white mustache anywhere; this gentleman appeared in many beautiful J.F. Kernan covers. In this 1930 cover, he’s dressed for the hunt and picking up spaniels for the job. When the little pups grow up, they’ll be great hunters, too.

Duck Hunters – Robert Robinson

Duck Hunters by Robert Robinson
Duck Hunters
Robert Robinson
December 12, 1911

Now we all know that hunters and fishermen are the most honest and upright of sportsmen. But there’s not only this 1911 cover of an unsuccessful hunter buying someone else’s catch, there’s a cover a few years later depicting a fisherman doing the same thing. Who wants to go home after hours of hunting or fishing with nothing to show for it?

Patient Dog – John Atherton

Patient Dog by John Atherton
Patient Dog
John Atherton
December 12, 1942

This is a sweet one. World War II has taken the man of the house away and this beautiful dog is waiting patiently for his master to return and take him hunting. Not all of those waiting at home are two-legged.

Hunting Couple on Walk – J. Hennesy

Hunter Couple on Walk by J. Hennesy
Hunter Couple on Walk
J. Hennesy
November 1, 1936

It’s a crisp autumn day, and together time for this couple means hunting – or at least walking in the woods. Country Gentleman magazine was a sister publication to the Post for many years and often shared the same artists.