Versatile Crochet Scarf Pattern

I have a problem. I hoard yarn. Seriously.

Ask anyone who knows me. I am a notorious neat freak and can’t stand piles of stuff and clutter—except when it comes to yarn. I won’t toss out the little leftover scraps after a project is finished. So I end up with bags of scraps of yarn like this:

hand holding small ball of yarn in

So I decided that I needed to find a way to use up my teensy little scraps. Enter the Stash-buster Scarf.

This simple scarf pattern can be used with any kind of yarn and any size hook. It’s super fast and easy … and the scarves you make are great for gifts. As you can see, the type of yarn you use changes the look of the scarf … but they all look fantastic!

multi-colored crochet scarves

Stash-buster Scarf Crochet Pattern
multi-colored crochet scarf




Special Stitches


You can leave the scarf long, or sew the two ends together to make a circle scarf or cowl. You can add buttons and other embellishments if desired. Have fun with it!

Pattern copyright 2012 by Sarah Anderson. This pattern is free for personal use. Please do not sell this pattern, or claim it to be of your own making. You are free to sell items made using this pattern, as long as credit is given to Sarah Anderson of Sarahndipities for the pattern used.