A Blessed Christmas

Snow-covered village
Christmas Day in the Village Walter Emerson Baum, The Country Gentleman, December 1938

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and I was already on the phone with Cheryl Werner, co-owner of Werner’s Tree Farm near Middlebury, Vermont.

“OK, here’s what I need this year,” I began after we’d exchanged our yearly so-what-have-you-been-up-tos. Pulling out my list, I check off each item one at a time.

“Two 18-inch balsam wreaths with plaid ribbons — one wired to tie to the car’s grill, the other with just a loop to hang on the back door.”

“Got it.”

“Three mixed-green garlands — two 22-footers to tie around the front door and porch railings; one 24-footer to frame the door of my church.”

I can hear Cheryl scribbling. “Three garlands — check.”

“One 24-inch swag, mixed greens, juniper berries, no ribbon, for the front door. That long plaid ribbon I have will last another year,” I add, “so just leave me a place to put it. How’s that sound?”

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