How to Shake Off a Chill

We’ve all heard the saying: Cold hands, warm heart. But people who want to feel warm all over can get simple blood tests to check thyroid hormone, vitamin D, and iron levels to help rule out any medical problems that need attention. When test results are normal, as is usually the case, try shaking off the chill with these strategies to step up circulation to hands and feet:

Couple Biking

Friction. Clap your hands, stomp your feet, or give them a mini-massage. But you already know that one, so consider…

Yoga. Lie on your back with legs against wall, perpendicular to the floor for as long as comfortable. When leg muscles relax, blood vessels open up and circulation improves.

Aerobic exercise. Take a walk, ride a bike, or do jumping jacks—anything that makes you work up a sweat.

Still feeling frosty? Consider thermal bio-feedback, a natural therapy that trains patients to warm their hands and feet in about 20 sessions. For a referral, talk to your care provider or go to