Classic Covers: That First Nip of Autumn

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” – William Cullen Bryant. These Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman covers evoke the first coolness of autumn.

Fall in the Park by Neysa McMein

Fall in the Park by Neysa McMein
Fall in the Park
Neysa McMein
December 3, 1938

You can feel that nip in the air with this cover by artist Neysa McMein (1888-1949) from 1938. McMein created almost 60 Saturday Evening Post covers between 1916 and 1939, all of fashionable women. She is probably best known for creating the image of Betty Crocker for General Mills.

Geese Flying South by William Meade Prince

Geese Flying South by Wm. Meade Prince
Geese Flying South
Wm. Meade Prince
October 1, 1925

We love the colors in this William Meade Prince (1893-1962) cover for The Country Gentleman magazine (a sister publication of the Post). There are many charming or humorous CG covers by Prince, nearly 50 in fact. You can see more of Prince’s work here.

Hunter and Spaniel by J.F. Kernan

Hunter and Spaniel by J.F. Kernan
Hunter and Spaniel
J.F. Kernan
November 3, 1928

Many J.F. Kernan (1878-1958) covers depicted a delightful older gent, and this is one of the most beautiful. From 1928, the hunter and his beloved spaniel are framed by the cool beauty of autumn. You may recall the “What Happens Next?” piece a couple of weeks ago that featured Kernan’s Country Gentleman covers of a man making fun of his wife’s choice of political candidate. Kernan illustrated over 50 covers for CG and the Post.

A Walk in the Woods by John Newton Howitt

A Walk in the Woods by John Newton Hewitt
A Walk in the Woods
John Newton Hewitt
August 1, 1931

Gazing on this lovely country scene, it is difficult indeed to believe that artist John Newton Howitt (1885-1958) became known as the “Dean of the Weird Menace Cover” for his dime pulp and horror magazine art! We’re delighted to show this side of the fine artist/illustrator.

Pointing to the Pheasant by Paul Bransom

Pointing to the Pheasant by Paul Bransom
Point to the Pheasant
Paul Bransom
November 1, 1937

Paul Bransom (1885-1979) was a young comic-strip artist, but ended up spending most of his time at the Bronx Zoo, sketching the animals. The zookeeper noticed Bransom and allowed him to set up his own private studio in the lion house. Filled with confidence, he met with the editor of The Saturday Evening Post who immediately purchased four covers and several other illustrations. Quite the coup for a young man in his early 20s. This autumn hunting scene is from 1937.

Pumpkin Patch by Sarah Stilwell-Weber

Pumpkin Patch by Sarah Stilwell Weber
Pumpkin Patch
Sarah Stilwell Weber
November 7, 1914

How soon that nip turns to a chill when the wind is blowing. Sarah Stilwell-Weber (1878-1939) depicted many a charming child for The Saturday Evening Post. Picking out just the right pumpkin is a rite of fall, but we think this little lass is going to need assistance here, as it appears her choice weighs more than she does.