Over There Over Here

Over There, Over Here: A Retrospective of World War II

A New Digital Collector’s Edition Series coming soon from

The Saturday Evening Post.

The Post archives take you back in time to those critical WWII years through the pages of the Post.

For nearly 300 years, The Saturday Evening Post has chronicled American history in the making—reflecting the distinctive characteristics and values that define the American experience. Over There, Over Here opens the archives of the Post to examine how the great issues of WWII were perceived as those events were actually unfolding, taking you back in time to those critical war years through the pages of the Post.

Volume One:  Over There, Over Here, “Writers At War” looks at stories about soldiers and sailors and airmen, written by some of America’s greats, accompanied by essays and articles that give modern context to these rarely seen gems of literature.

Over There, Over Here features stories from J.D. Salinger, in which the Caulfield family play a part, and from William Faulkner, whose story is simple and heart-felt, chronicling the war’s effect on his beloved Mississippi. From Pulitzer-Prize winner Stephen Vincent Benet comes a piece that was published posthumously, following his untimely death.

As you read this volume, you will have special, password protected access to selected original “as published” editions of the Post, formatted for ease of reading on a digital device. You will be able to browse through the pages of these curated issues of the Post any time that you are connected to the internet.

Over There, Over Here will be available to purchase on all major digital platforms starting September 16, 2014. Look for Volume 2: At Home, At War, an exploration of life in America during the war years, coming Spring 2015.