Honoring Our Veterans

The following posts from our archive are collected here in honor of Veterans Day. But the years of service that military men and women have rendered our country is too great to be recognized with just one day out of the year. And so the Post is continuing this tribute, featuring articles, both archival and current, about our veterans.

And we’d also like to hear your tributes to U.S. veterans. We are particularly interested in hearing about servicemen and women who appeared in wartime issues of the Post, whether World War I, II, Korea, or Vietnam. If you, a friend, or family member were mentioned in The Saturday Evening Post, please let us know. Send your emails to [email protected], with Attn: Veterans in the subject line. In the email, please include your contact information: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Address, and Social Media URLs (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).


WWII Blog: The Long, Happy Life of a Former Gremlin

Published: November 11, 2014

In 1944, a war correspondent wrote of a near-death experience on board a PV-1 Ventura bomber. Thanks to the son of one of the crew, we now know when the event took place.

Portrait of Rodger Young, who died saving his comrades of the 37th infrantry.

The Ability and the Duty to Be Heroic

Published: May 29, 2010

What do we owe Americans like Sergeant Rodger Young? How do we repay an average soldier who saved his comrades at the cost of his own life?

Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart’s Finest Performance

Published: December 22, 2012

Watching It’s A Wonderful Life, you’d never guess what Jimmy Stewart had been doing for the previous three years.


Early Efforts to Honor U.S. Veterans

Published: November 5, 2011

In 1918, the Post reported on one of the first government programs to help veterans resume civilian life.


The Forgotten Heroes of Korea

Published: November 12, 2011

In 1952, James Michener honored the American heroes of an unpopular war.

Women wearing military uniforms in World War II

War, Work, and Women, Part I
and Part II

Published: July 16–17, 2010

During WWII, life on the home front offered many American women rare work experience, and an unexpected education. Meanwhile, on the war front, about 175,000 women had enlisted by 1943.

Wikimedia Commons

The Last Doughboy

Published: March 5, 2011

A tribute to Frank Buckles, America’s last veteran of the First World War.

Korea 1950: An exhausted soldier is evacuated by Capt. Jerome Dolan and Chaplain Kaplaun.

The Non-Combatant Hero: Emil Kapaun

Published: May 26, 2012

As we remember and honor those Americans who lost their lives in our country’s wars, we take note of an exceptional American.