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Cartoons: Vahan Shirvanian

Published: September 19, 2012

Last year, long-time cartoonist Vahan Shirvanian had a severe spinal injury. He’s recovered enough to start submitting cartoons again, and our thoughts and best wishes are with him in his continued recovery. In the meantime, here’s why he is a Post favorite.

from Jan/Feb 03

Jan/Feb 2003

Nov/Dec 00

Nov/Dec 2000

"Here it is on the map – The Unpainted Desert." from Jul/Aug 09

"Here, it is on the map—The Unpainted Desert."
Jul/Aug 2009

"Are you sure it’s not out of your way?" from Nov/Dec 01

"Are you sure it’s not out of your way?"
Nov/Dec 2001

from Nov/Dec 2000

Nov/Dec 2000

"Where does this go?" from May/Jun09

"Where does this go?"
May/Jun 2009

"It’s all set. Now help me catch my sister! from Sep/Oct 09

"It’s all set. Now help me catch my sister!"
Sep/Oct 2009

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  • Paige Woodie

    My sister sent me this link! I’m so happy people still find humor and inspiration in my great uncle’s wonderful cartoons! Thank you for sharing his story and drawings!

  • Lauren Woodie

    This makes me so happy! Vahan is my great uncle and I was looking up some of his work for inspiration for a project and found this wonderful article. Thank you Diana!

  • Fran Webb

    I never tire of looking at all the cartoons in the Saturday Evening Post. The other articles are very interesting, but the cartoons are the best.

  • joyce stone

    We must never lose our SENSE OF HUMOR and cartoons like yours nourish it!!!Best wishes for your full recovery !


    wow! recall these and laughed once again-best wishes on your recovery!

  • Charles Neumann

    Very Funny. Best wishes for a full recovery.

  • Marie Waits

    Diana, what a lovely post for such a clever man…my thoughts are with him as he recovers. He deserves a bouquet of smiles for the way he brightens our days with his talent. And to you, thank you for being that example of compassion with your efforts. The Post is fortunate to have both of you!