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Rockwell Video Minute: Runaway

Published: October 4, 2017

Norman Rockwell turns the cliché of a runaway child into a heartwarming moment in one of his most well-known paintings.

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  • Bob Blackman

    We have a copy of the “run away that is signed by the little boy who is now a n adult. It is one of our favorite treasures. Bob and Nancy Blackman”

  • Appreciate this cover more now, knowing the background details Rockwell would add or re-work to make it perfect. In the end though, it’s the trust shown in the boy’s body language and state trooper’s that tells you he’s having a talk with this child and will get him back home safely shortly after this.

    The diner’s manager looks like he’s listening, possibly telling of a time he ran away (wasn’t worth it) and backing up what the state trooper was telling him.

  • Colette Sasina

    Thank you for all the details and observations–much fun reminiscing in Rockwell’s ‘past lane.’

  • Robert C. Barker

    Although I have seen all of his many jewel’s before,it is a real pleasure to view them again !