July/August 2014 cover. Reprint "Hot Dogs" by Ben Kimberly Prins. September 13, 1958. © SEPS

July/August 2014

Check out the newest issue of The Saturday Evening Post! Revamp your summer grilling menu with new recipes in the July/August issue, like pico de gallo fish tacos from Curtis Stone, steak au poivre salad from Ellie Kreiger, and more.

Explore the complex roots of America’s foreign and military policy, discover Van Gogh’s homeland in rural Holland, and revive childhood memories of baseball nostalgia. Read great new fiction, get insight on air travel from Dave Barry, and more in the latest issue.

Cover illustration “Hot Dogs” reprinted from September 13, 1958, by Ben Kimberly Prins.

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From the archive: J.C Leyendecker's 1942 New Year's Baby reflected the anxiety felt by the American public as we dropped our isolationist stance and prepared for war.

A New American Isolationism?

By: David A. Andelman

For the vast mass of the American people, getting out of military entanglements is now the expectation rather than some vague hope. ... More

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Having a Catch

By: Lawrence Grobel

A baseball glove triggers memories of youth. ... More

illustration of young men being pulled by a magnet. Source: Shutterstock.com

Has Wall Street Lost Its Luster?

By: Kevin Roose

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, fewer graduates of the nation’s top schools are being drawn to the financial industry. ... More

"Drenthe is so beautiful," Van Gogh wrote of the Dutch province, "it absorbs and fulfills me so utterly that, if I couldn't stay here forever, I would rather not have seen it at all. It's inexpressibly beautiful." Photo source: Shutterstock.com

Van Gogh’s Holland

By: Raphael Kadushin

Most of what we think we know about the artist has to do with his tumultuous years in France, but, increasingly, the Dutch are reclaiming Van Gogh as their own. ... More

Illustration by Hadley Hooper

Fiction: People in Your Life

By: Linda McCullough Moore

An encounter with an old crush brings surprising revelations about the end of a marriage. ... More



drawing of an airplane and a long armed passenger picking a flower from the ground. Source: Shutterstock.com
Flying High: FAQs for Air Travelers

By: Dave Barry

Humorist Dave Barry’s take on what to expect when flying “the friendly skies.” ... More


Grilled fish pico de gallo tacos. From What's For Dinner? © 2013 Random House Photo © Quentin Bacon
Grills Gone Wild

By: Patrick Perry

Curtis Stone, Emeril, and Ellie Krieger offer fresh ideas for backyard barbecuing. ... More

Cover Art

Safe Haven: The Runaway appeared on the September 20, 1958, cover of the Post. 1958 © SEPS
The Rockwell Files | ‘Protect and Serve’

By: Joseph Scales

Discover the symbolism in Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, The Runaway. ... More

In The Magazine

An open mailbox stuffed full of letters. Source: Shutterstock.com
Contrarian View: Charity Bawl

By: Ed Dwyer

Why junk mail makes me less inclined to donate to charity. ... More


Young woman holding a strawberry between her teeth by its stem. Source: Shutterstock.com
Natural Teeth Whiteners

By: Wendy Braun

Foods already in your fridge can spruce up your smile. ... More

In The Magazine

gold-wrappered condom. Source: Shutterstock.com
Under Wraps

By: Cable Neuhaus

In search of the perfect condom. ... More

In The Magazine

Matthew Boger visits the streets of West Hollywood, where he was savagely attacked at age 14. Source: Facingfearmovie.com
The Healing: Victim of Brutal Beating Meets Attacker 25 Years Later

By: Chris Benguhe

“There was a moment when we both knew who the other one was.” ... More