September/October 2014 cover

September/October 2014

Check out the newest issue of The Saturday Evening Post! Explore the heavens with astronomer Tyler Nordgren, who shot the September/October 2014 cover photo. Discover the scientist’s unbelievable night-sky photography and his efforts to raise awareness of our disappearing constellations in the cover story, “Are We Losing the Stars?” by Todd Pitock.

Cook up comfort with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern; join humorist Philip Gulley in taking back Halloween; and find out how one of Hollywood’s humblest stars is spending his time after giving up The Tonight Show. Lose yourself in fantastic new fiction, thumb your nose at cable news, and do more with the latest issue of the Post!

Cover photo by Tyler Nordgren.

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Night sky at Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island, Maine

Are We Losing the Stars?

By: Todd Pitock

An astronomer draws attention to the rising threat of light pollution with the help of the U.S. National Park Service and brilliant night-sky photography ... More

mediator stands between two men in boxing gloves

Should You Sue?

By: Lewis Tesser

When wronged, you have the right to sue. But in today’s strained judicial system, mediation may offer a quicker, cheaper, and more satisfying result ... More

Jay Leno with Jaguar XK-E

Jay Leno’s Garage

By: Jeanne Wolf

We sat down with America’s hardest working comedian to talk about cars, fame, and what comes next. ... More

Daffodils and prostate cancer awareness ribbon on wooden table

In Sickness and in Health

By: Judy Berman

“When my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer,” says author Judy Berman, “we fought the illness as a team.” ... More

Pointing to the Pheasant by Paul Bransom

The Day of the Dead

By: Skip Horack

Wayne knew how to handle dogs; people were not so easy ... More


The Argument

American flag and dog tags
Why Veterans Hurt

By: Mike Stajura

What’s tough on veterans isn’t remembering what was bad, it’s missing what was good ... More

Rockwell Files

Armchair General by Norman Rockwell, April 29,1949
Tuning In to WWII

By: Joseph Scales

Rockwell’s ‘Armchair General’ portrays the older generation’s passion to stay current with war news and its frustrating isolation from the action overseas ... More

Lighter Side

jack-o'-lantern on table with lantern
Taking Back Halloween

By: Philip Gulley

Online on: October 22, 2014

Isn’t this holiday supposed to be for kids? Somehow, in our lifetime, parents have taken over and pretty much spoiled everything

American Pop

Apocalypse always banner reads across explosion in the sky
How TV News Plays to Our Darkest Fears

By: Cable Neuhaus

We have descended into the apocalyptic universe of 24-hour cable, where bad news is good news and extremely bad news is the best news of all ... More


Roast Chicken with Ratatouille
Comfort Cravings

By: Patrick Perry

Take comfort food to a new level with celebrity chef and host of ‘Bizarre Foods America’ host Andrew Zimmern ... More


Jonna Tyree holds her pet Chihuahua, Chopper
Homeless Pets Fly to Safety

By: Chris Benguhe

With the help of a volunteer pilot, a one-eyed Chihuahua and dozens of other homeless pets have flown across the U.S. to loving homes ... More


Virtual Wi-Fi
More Power to You

By: Jeff Bertolucci

7 ways you can boost your Wi-Fi reception at home ... More


Man with Coin
Buy Stocks for the Long Run

By: Steven G. Blum

Investing in stocks is a good idea for the long haul, but every portfolio needs balance ... More

My Word

Labrodor on beach
A Dog in Full

By: William Jeanes

How a dog named Dopey lives on in family lore ... More