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January/February 2018

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Crashed plane

Heroes of Vietnam: Shot Down in V.C. Territory

By: Richard Armstrong

When Maj. “Jump” Myers’ plane crashed in flames, there was no chance of rescue – yet Bernie Fisher defied the odds and brought him out alive.  More

Cowboy herding buffalo

Thundering Herd: The Great Bison Round-Up of Custer State Park

By: Mark Orwoll

The annual bison roundup in South Dakota’s Custer State Park is an ongoing environmental success story — and the thrill of a lifetime.  More

Farallon Islands

Oceans on the Edge

By: Michael Shapiro

By now we know the oceans are not too big to fail, but there’s still time to save the planet’s liquid life-support system.  More

Can Software Replace Human Intuition?

By: Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Sometimes our gut can be dead wrong, while the best data science is surprisingly intuitive, often changing the way we view the world.  More

Norman Rockwell signing autographs

Rockwell’s Four Freedoms

By: Patrick Perry

75 years ago, the painter transformed abstract ideas into concrete images that helped galvanize a nation.  More

The Four Freedoms Essays

By: Post Editors

Inspired by Franklin Roosevelt’s 1941 “Four Freedoms” speech, Norman Rockwell painted four images depicting those freedoms. These paintings went on to inspire all of America during World War II and beyond.  More

People dancing in a club

Open Season at the Café Rumba

By: Julia Rocchi

A divorcée steps outside her comfort zone and onto the dance floor for some sultry salsa and personal discoveries.  More

Julia Rocchi

Meet the 2018 Great American Fiction Contest Prize Winners

By: Post Editors

Meet Julia Rocchi, winner of the 2018 Great American Fiction Contest for her short story “Open Season at the Café Rumba,” as well as the contest’s five runners-up.  More


The Argument

Let’s Keep the Funeral Tradition Alive

By: Alexandra Kathryn Mosca

Online on: February 8, 2018

Trendy alternatives to this rite of passage are nice to think about, but they fail to satisfy our basic emotional needs.

American Pop

Fortune teller
Coming to a Store Near You!

By: Cable Neuhaus

Online on: February 20, 2018

Self-proclaimed trendspotters are paid a fortune to anticipate future consumer tastes. But how good are they?

Lighter Side

My Wood Stove

By: Philip Gulley

Online on: January 30, 2018

I haven't yet discerned whether we own the stove or it owns us.

My Word

The Fallibility of Memory

By: Peter Bloch

Even being absolutely certain that you know something does not mean it is, in fact, true.  More


Movie still
Movies to Watch Over the Holiday Break

By: Bill Newcott

Noted film critic Bill Newcott, creator of AARP’s “Movies for Grownups,” offers his picks.  More

The Logophile

Blocks that spell "Grammar"
Logophile Language Puzzlers: Stolen Tunes and Dirty Spoons

By: Andy Hollandbeck

Are you a virtuoso of vocabulary? A nerd with words? Then test yourself and make your 9th grade English teacher proud.  More

3 Questions

Sam Elliot
3 Questions for Sam Elliott

By: Jeanne Wolf

The man with the world’s most recognizable Texas drawl reflects on sex appeal and positive thinking.  More


Apps for Cruising

By: Abby Lewis

Online on: February 9, 2018

Four free apps for those in need of vitamin "sea".


Stench Warfare

By: Ken Budd

Online on: February 1, 2018

Our favorite curmudgeons take aim at sacred cows.

5-Minute Fitness

Man doing Tai Chi
5-Minute Fitness: Ultimate Poise with Tai Chi

By: Post Editors

Build balance and strengthen your lower body with continuous breathing and flowing motion.  More

Special Report

Regis and Joy Philbin
Regis on Heart Health

By: Patrick Perry

The legendary talk show host and his wife, Joy, talk to the Post about heart health, the Take Cholesterol to Heart campaign, and “Is that your final answer?”  More


Curtis Stone’s Comfort Zone

By: Curtis Stone

Online on: February 15, 2018

In the chilly depths of winter, cozy up to the celebrity chef’s hearty pasta ideas that’ll warm you from the inside out.

Healthy Eating

Curtis Stone’s Winter Pasta Recipes

By: Curtis Stone

These healthy recipes for turkey and mushroom Bolognese and farfalle with chickpeas, baby kale, and dates will leave you satisfied.  More


Clarissa Black and her dog Bear
Paws and Effect

By: Ken Budd

Online on: January 25, 2018

An unusual nonprofit matches shelter animals with veterans suffering from PTSD, frequently saving two lives at the same time.


A Brief History of Teenagers

By: Derek Thompson

Online on: February 13, 2018

Humans have been turning 13 for tens of thousands of years, but only recently did it occur to anybody that the bridge between childhood and adulthood deserved its own name.

The Vault

Gems from our Archive

60 Years Ago

Lucille Ball
Lucy: The Making of a Comic

By: Pete Martin

Online on: February 12, 2018

In this interview with the Post, Lucille Ball explains why she made the move to television.

We Said It Here First

“The Full Impact of Pollution”

By: Post Editors

Online on: February 22, 2018

The prosperity of the 1950s came with a price.

Vintage Advertisement

Mr Peanut
Happy 100th, Mr. Peanut

By: Post Editors

Online on: February 23, 2018

Happy Birthday to a Higher Class Nut.

The More Things Change

Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa on Why You Can’t Stand Your Kids’ Music

By: Post Editors

Frank Zappa, leader of The Mothers of Invention rock group, doubled as a business consultant, 1968 style.  More

Did We Say That?

“A Plan to Abolish the Kitchen”

By: Robert Ellis Thompson

Women, said the 1900 Post editors, had no place in the modern kitchen.  More

The Post Goes to War

Patton Addresses the Troops

By: Post Editors

Online on: February 6, 2018

In a series of articles, the Post introduced Americans to the generals who were leading their boys into battle.


A Doctor Rethinks Medicare

By: Post Editors

Online on: February 24, 2018

Most doctors opposed Medicare when it was first proposed. But some doctors changed their minds after the program’s first year.

Freeze Frame

People bowling
Strikes and Spares

By: Post Editors

Online on: January 29, 2018

A snapshot of the American bowling alley, 50 years ago.