November/December 2014 SEP Cover

November/December 2014

Check out the newest issue of The Saturday Evening Post! Cook up the perfect pumpkin pie for your Thanksgiving table with a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, then celebrate the sights, smells, sounds, and joys of the holiday season in small-town America, and lose yourself in a timeless tale from The Saturday Evening Post archive by American author, poet, and novelist Stephen Vincent Benét.

About the Cover:The Post dipped into the archive to find this charming cover by Walter Emerson Baum that first appeared on the February 1931 issue of The Country Gentleman — a sister publication of the Post. A prolific painter and educator, Baum (1884-1956) would gain a national reputation as founder of the Allentown Art Museum and Baum School of Art. The naturalist painter liked to say, “I spent my life painting scenes from my backyard.”

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Snow-covered village

A Blessed Christmas

By: Ellen Michaud

Celebrating the sights, sounds, smells, and joys of the holiday season in small-town America. ... More

Letter from Mike Royko addressed to his wife, Carol

Love Letters

By: Nina Sankovitch

Forget the convenience of email. In matters of the heart, only a handwritten letter will do. ... More

Johnny Cash with two dogs

The Record That Saved Johnny Cash

By: Robert Hilburn

How a hip-hop producer revived the career of the legendary Man in Black, and helped him get back to his roots. ... More

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The Stem Cell Solution

By: Sharon Begley

Is adult stem cell therapy a ready and viable alternative to bum knee and hip joint surgery? ... More

Catholic bishop listening to cardinal

The Bishop’s Beggar

By: Stephen Vincent Benét

From the Post archive, a timeless tale from one of America’s greatest storytellers. ... More


The Argument

feet on diving board over pool
Retire When Ready

By: Michael A. Simon

There are plenty of reasons to quit work (not all of them good). How to make retirement work for you. ... More


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus; Samsung Galaxy Note 4; LG G3
2014 Gadget Gift Guide

By: Jeff Bertolucci

What to get the tech lovers on your list ... More

Celebrity Interviews

Roger Moore
3 Questions for Sir Roger Moore

By: Jeanne Wolf

The legendary actor on luck, love, and the evolution of the action flick. ... More

Contrarian View

Hand writing Christmas cards
Lost Claus?

By: Ed Dwyer

What happened to the tradition of sending out Christmas cards? ... More


Man with Knife Behind His Back Shaking HandsHands
Can You Trust Your Money Guy?

By: Steven G. Blum

How to steer clear of incompetents (and cheats) in financial management. ... More

The Rockwell Files

Santa's Helper by Norman Rockwell
Toy Story

By: Patrick Perry

Online on: December 24, 2014

How Norman Rockwell conceived the ultimate image of holiday burnout.

American Pop

Shuffleton's Barbershop by Norman Rockwell
American Barbershops: A Vanishing Act?

By: Cable Neuhaus

Why neighborhood barbershops are hanging on by a hair. ... More


Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie and I

By: Sarah J. Gim

In pursuit of the perfect recipe for a dish not everyone loves … ... More

My Word

Waves Covering Sand Sculpture of a Face
Lost in Australia

By: Diane Selkirk

A family vacation leads to an unexpected discovery. ... More

Lighter Side

Snow-covered tree decorated with Christmas lights
What I Want for Christmas

By: Philip Gulley

Hint: It’s white and comes in flakes, and it’s not dandruff ... More

Editor's Letter

Baby Sofia
Hard Times (and Good)

By: Steven Slon

This is the season to count one’s blessings. I’ve had so many over the years that it would be impossible to do a full account on this page. But a patch of rough luck hit our family this year. ... More