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illustration of a pond lined with trees. Source:

Fiction: Falling In

I know you can’t force a miracle, an epiphany. They need to sneak up on you when you least expect it. ... More

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Silhouette of a young girl against a firework-filled sky. Source: / © Hofhauser
Fiction: Summer of My Youth

Thirty years later, Summer came back to me. She wasn’t a hallucination or a ghost, and I knew exactly what day it was: Independence Day,... More

Female secretary handling multiple tasks at once. Source: © Lyudmyla Kharlamova
Fiction: Darla

Darla, with her Southern charm, fresh-baked treats, and incredible efficiency, was the best thing that ever happened to our office–and also maybe the worst.... More

Vector image of a city parking lot. Source: / © Lorelyn Medina
Fiction: Rump

Gordon's failure to head straight home as he'd promised earns him a strange encounter with an ample-bottomed woman on a mission.... More

Illustration by Karen-Donley Hayes © 2014
Fiction: Love at Six

Mary Ann's six-year-old grandson Zachary spends the weekend at her house, and learns a very grown-up truth about love. ... More

Illustration by Karen-Donley Hayes © 2014
Fiction: Hush, Now

When Jan Wilmitsky decides to research her family tree, she makes a shocking discovery. ... More

Illustration of a stack of pancakes and a stack of jewel cased CDs. Illustration by Karen Donley-Hayes
Fiction: How Will You Feel Then?

He’s coming closer now, his shoelaces trailing like alley cats behind him. I’d rather not speak to this man; I’d rather duck his gaze and... More

close up of vintage piano keys. Source: Ensuper
Fiction: The Obsession

When Mr. King finally finds the perfect piano at an antique shop, he decides to bite the bullet and buy it. Unfortunately, the cost of... More

Sketch of the back of a baseball player, standing shoeless over the mound
Fiction: Uniformity

The Overton Beavers are one nail-biting game away from making the playoffs. But manager Skip's worries about strategy and fairness of the umpires become minor... More

Illustration by Karen Donley-Hayes
Fiction: Tough Enough to Leave

Leah's marriage to Neil has never been "warm," and as Neil spends longer hours away–and possibly with someone else!–Leah decides to fill the void with... More

Sketch of a dog between two back-to-back rocking chairs. Illustration by Karen Donley-Hayes
Fiction: The Middleman

Agatha and Frank have been giving each other the silent treatment for so long, even Ralph can't remember the last time they spoke to each... More

Sketch of a horse and jockey jumping over a hurdle in a race. Illustration by Karen Donley-Hayes
Fiction: Golden Ticket

New fiction from Layla R. Kierans takes readers on a thrilling ride on the racetrack through the eyes of an eager young horse. Don't miss... More

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