Contemporary Fiction

House at the end of a tree-lined path.


Sarabeth returns home after her grandmother’s funeral — only to discover her brother Donnie and uncle Reed have nefarious plans for her inheritance. More

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A green field in Montana with mountains on the horizon.

Sam, a college dropout living in Browning, Montana, isn’t sure what he’s looking for. Enter Debbie, a master’s degree student who’s sworn off men after More

What Do You Imagine?

A Mossberg shotgun prompts a game of make-believe between father and daughter, housebound by a blizzard in Redfield, Connecticut. More

Little Green Men

In the era of Desert Storm trading cards, two boys get caught up in the jingoistic fervor encapsulating their Midwestern town. More


Every day, Linda thinks about jumping from the bridge. But if she leapt, who would be left to take care of her mother? More

The Bicycle

A bike accident pushes Wes and Laurel to reexamine their May-December relationship. More

Charlie’s Bar

“Wiping the back bar, he wondered if the Customer was joking. No one would walk into a pub and just confess he was going to More

Almost Heaven

The fruit and vegetable stand was all they had left to remember Aunt Sophie — but now it’s smashed to pieces. More

Silver sports car on a driveway
Do Something You Like

Ambitiously seeking love, Marylou imagines a proposal from the driver of a silver sports car parked outside her church. But her instinct to study the More

The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes

“She was handing me back my credit card, but I just stood there, wanting to soak the feeling of those stars in, the feeling of More

Last in Flight

How would you celebrate your birthday if you were the last person on Earth? More

Crack Shot

He didn't know the day was special — he just knew it was hot. More

Man and woman walking past eachother
Persistence of Vision

A young woman vows to reunite her family, but getting rid of her father’s mistress may not be enough to bring him home. More

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