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Hands holding E-reader with Hatchette vs. Amazon on It

A War on Writers?

When Amazon decided to slash prices on e-books, one large publisher said no. In the subsequent skirmish, writers got caught in the middle.... More

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A Nation of Joiners

Numerous observers, going back to Alexis de Tocqueville, have described Americans as rugged individualists. But that’s a false impression, argues sociologist Claude S. Fischer in... More

Social Networking Illustration
With Friends Like These …

Our beloved curmudgeon asks, "Why do so many people want to connect on Facebook, only to have no interest in actually communicating?" ... More

People gathered at Sunday Assembly
And Now, Let Us Stray

Church without God? The new Sunday Assembly movement offers spirituality and community for nonbelievers... More

Hand writing Christmas cards
Lost Claus?

What happened to the tradition of sending out Christmas cards?... More

Baby Sofia
Hard Times (and Good)

This is the season to count one’s blessings. I’ve had so many over the years that it would be impossible to do a full account... More

feet on diving board over pool
Retire When Ready

There are plenty of reasons to quit work (not all of them good). How to make retirement work for you.... More

mediator stands between two men in boxing gloves
Should You Sue?

When wronged, you have the right to sue. But in today's strained judicial system, mediation may offer a quicker, cheaper, and more satisfying result... More

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