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The Stars in Hoshi’s Eyes

“She was handing me back my credit card, but I just stood there, wanting to soak the feeling of those stars in, the feeling of More

Last in Flight

How would you celebrate your birthday if you were the last person on Earth? More

Crack Shot

He didn't know the day was special — he just knew it was hot. More

Man and woman walking past eachother
Persistence of Vision

A young woman vows to reunite her family, but getting rid of her father’s mistress may not be enough to bring him home. More

Plumber in a kitchen
Plumber’s Helper

Single parent Emma has handyman John’s number saved in her cellphone for emergencies—and maybe for romance. More

A Landing Called Compromise

Martha Blalock never liked Zula Blix, who flirts with every man in New Madrid Baptist Church, but soon both recognize what they have to lose. More

Windows of a highrise apartment building

Nursing an injury, Kate stares out the window of her 43rd-floor apartment and notices a face staring back. More

Turkish street

In 1966, Kelly is finishing her sabbatical in southern Turkey, a place that wold disrupt her life forever. More

Honeybee on a honeycomb
Lloyd and Mary

A successful real estate agent and his wife live life by rote until an unbearable loss shatters their well-ordered world. More

Into Each Life

A boy befriends the filly tethered in his backyard, both longing to break free from the silence around them. More

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