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The Sea Children

“When the sea takes a man, sometimes it gives him back. … And sometimes it doesn’t give anything back at all.” More

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Ice Out

A fan of crime fiction finds herself the prime suspect of a New Hampshire murder that took place in her small home town. More

A cabin during a blizzard
A Good Sport

Trapped in a warming cabin during a violent blizzard, a first responder must decide whether to help rescue a group of teenagers that vanished in More


Despite growing doubts over her long-distance relationship, a young woman moves in with her boyfriend’s mother after her New York City sublet falls through.  More

Bumblebee on a flower

A timid divorcee trades his gardening skills for a love potion and meets an attractive beekeeper.  More

Catcher's mitt in grass

A young skeptic asks God to bring back his Little League catcher’s mitt. And his prayers are answered — well, sort of.  More

A snow-covered road at night. It cuts through a wooded area, and street lights glow brightly.
Night Divine

“Music has a way of attaching itself to particular … moments in time, sealing them into a permanent state,” writes Billy O’Callaghan in this moving More

Before I Go

Linda McCullough Moore writes of the complicated relationship between two siblings. More

Old letters in a stack
Man of Letters

A succession of unread letters forces a father to examine the strained relationship he has with his son.  More

University Library
Open Times

Writing a presentation for third-year med students, something that will inspire some and scare off those who should be saved before they’re too far in More

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