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The Keystone of the Family

“In my day … fathers and grandfathers didn’t involve themselves in the birthing process. Childbirth was strictly the domain of women.” More

A rosary on a table

“You’re too stubborn for the Church, Sean. Go be a doctor or a lawyer or something else. Holy Orders are not for you.” More

The Egg Man

“Look,” he said, “not that it matters to you or anyone else in this dump, but I’m really a poet. I shouldn’t be here at More

Maple tree branch in autumn park

“And now we’re hugging and laughing, and neither of us will say it: Everything will be okay. But only for me.”  More

Quiet kid
Luke Rising

“She is determined not to lose this baby and hopes that today will reveal what turned Luke from a fun-loving talkative child to a silent, More

Raymond Chandler

“Endless choices. Endless doors. And behind every door, a man with a gun in his hand.”  More

A Wandering

“His fingers crept up the piano scale and eased back down, a graceful rise and fall. … A melody somewhere between recurring dream and insanity.” More

Whiskey Bottles

“The empty bottles had were now truly empty, and he waited for the need for alcohol to drive him up and out of town.” More

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