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A Wandering

“His fingers crept up the piano scale and eased back down, a graceful rise and fall. … A melody somewhere between recurring dream and insanity.” More

Whiskey Bottles

“The empty bottles had were now truly empty, and he waited for the need for alcohol to drive him up and out of town.” More

Woman using a laptop
Not Because We Will

“She started to lift the lid — her fingers closed around its spired handle — but stopped. What, after all, was there? Ashes? Bits of More

Bowls on a wooden shelf
Just for Me

In this short story, author K. Anne Smith explores the value of objects after the loss of a loved one.  More


“I’ve never played in front of anyone before. Except my wife, and she’s sort of got a tin ear. I’m a little nervous.”  More

A fortune teller with a stack of tarot cards
The Oracle’s Curse

“Just five seconds earlier, she had seemed too good to be true. He should have known there was something a little off, just waiting More


Doris might never have come to the island if it weren’t for Jack. But with her husband gone, will she stay on Catalina or return More

An open watch
The Eagle Watch

A retired naval engineer discovers that his passion for clock restoration could save his spouse’s life.  More

Woman Silhouette

“For reasons I would never be able to know, Daria hadn’t phoned a few hours, or even a few days, later.”  More

Lion statue
The Absence of Sound

A quiet man who works at the New York Public Library contemplates the space created by absences, both recent and in the past.  More

Hacker holding a phone

Poor, sweet, gullible Andrea. She’ll never even know what hit her. More

Dog behind a log bundle

In a small California community upset by wildfires and poverty, a four-legged hero comes to a family’s rescue in this heartwarming story by Terry Sanville. More

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