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In a playground war of worm-whipping debauchery, a boy must decide if he’s a bully or a Romeo.  More

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Saved by the Bell

A college grad’s quest for financial freedom leads to a bidding war over a centuries-old heirloom.  More


A lifelong feud forged through competitive birdwatching is interrupted by tragedy, leading two rivals to an unlikely understanding.  More

Dancing skeletons
The Parties Involved

Urged by his literary agent, a recently single author attends a Halloween party despite his better judgment.  More

Sausage in tongs
Blood Sausage

Carol is making a special dish for her husband tonight, but the meal has unintended (and potentially fatal) consequences.  More

Dark alley
The Alley

Sara’s parents warned her about the alley, but she isn’t afraid of anything — not even the beast that lives in the mysterious shadow behind More

Roller Derby
The Belles of the Brawl

Forced to attend her grandmother’s roller derby match, Mary Calhoun is not a happy teenager. But when Gram’s team takes one too many hits, Mary More

French menu
A Little Food and Drink

Never has the phrase “life’s a banquet” resonated more truly than in this short story about a relationship whose growth is marked not on calendars More

The Offer

On her deathbed, his sister made Geoffrey promise to take a special trip. Now, on the morning of his departure, the only other important person More

Female Hands joined together
Goodness, in All Its Forms

Hoping to improve the world in her own way, Sarah joins the Altruism Project only to find herself in a philosophical dilemma concerning personal motivation More

Grandmother walking with her grandson
An Unobstructed View

Terrified of spending the weekend with her 4-year-old grandson, Miriam has a surprise planned that’s sure to win the coddled child’s affection. Too bad the More

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