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Classic Covers: George Hughes, Signs of Summer

Seems like the lady of the house (or yard) can’t decide where the tree looks best. The cover from April 9, 1955, shows a weary laborer digging holes for a tree. That’s one tree and several holes. (Oh, and note the truck in the driveway.)  More

Classic Covers: Ivan Dimitri

The first racecar appeared on one of our covers in 1909, but it’s Ivan Dimitri’s 1937 illustration of a driver preparing for the race that caught our attention. With an eye for photography and a hand for etchings, Dimitri’s talents create an artistic duet for art enthusiasts.  More

Art’s Healing Powers

More than simply a statement of style, art can improve and enhance one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. On any given day, landscape artist Barbara Ernst Prey is apt to find e-mails from museum curators and patrons clogging her in-box. Prey’s canvases hang on the walls of world-class institutions, in private collections, and even at […]  More

The King: Still Making Waves

For someone whom Forbes magazine recently cited as “one of the 20th century’s biggest cultural forces,” Elvis Presley appeared sporadically in The Saturday Evening Post during his brief lifetime. A quick glance in the Post Archives shows the fledgling King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as the subject, at least partially, of seven articles, beginning with […]  More
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