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Constantin Alajalov

Constantin Alajálov

Norman Rockwell isn’t the only artist who illustrated for the Post. This week we’re featuring American painter and illustrator Constantin Alajálov. ... More

Classic Covers: O, Christmas Tree!

O Christmas Tree! O’ Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou can’st give me – at least according to the old German carol. Post cover artists, however, show that sometimes the good old Christmas Tree gives us headaches. ... More

Classic Covers: How to Handle a Turkey

It isn’t just the farmers and poultry truck drivers who have a hard time handling turkeys. Sometimes the big birds were a handful for our cover artists and models. Why did one famous cover artist start “to feel like an assassin”? ... More

Classic Covers: Work Break

Yes, friends, we discovered many Post covers showing folks taking a well-deserved (well, in some cases) break from work. If you’re one of the unfortunate who have to work Labor Day (policemen, for example), then maybe you’ll find some ideas for sneaking in a little break. ... More
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