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Deep pit in a pile of money


This Pulitzer Prize-winning author started life comfortably middle class. But now, like a lot of other people walking the streets of America today, he is poor. Here’s how it happened.  More
An illustrated image of an elderly couple.

The New Nursing Home

How innovative thinkers are shaking up the classic nursing home paradigm and helping people in a state of dependence find value in their existence.  More

Retirement Age: 65 and Rising

Retirement isn’t what it used to be, as growing numbers of retirees are returning to the work force—by choice or by necessity. Kelly White has done a lot in his 70 years, from operating a bulldozer to running his own construction company. He’s worked in military intelligence, owned an apple orchard, and invested in the […]  More

Retirement on the Rise

“Retirement age just isn’t what it used to be,” states the article Retirement Age: 65 and Rising in the Mar./Apr. 2009 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. “Roughly 6.1 million people age 65 or older are in the work force today, compared to 3.8 million 10 years ago.” Many factors play into why the retirement […]  More
Use the Web to Find the Right Nursing Home

Use the Web to Find the Right Nursing Home

A growing number of baby boomers are (or will be) facing one of the most difficult decisions anyone ever has to make: choosing a nursing home for a loved one or yourself. That decision is now easier, thanks to a novel Web site called Nursing Home Compare from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services […]  More