Classic Covers: Welcome, New Year

Let's not forget: 1946, 1949, 1950, and 1958 were all once new years, too! Check out these memorable covers.

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Happy New Year!

Welcoming in the New Year is a welcome break from homework. Miss Teen-babysitter has her glass of milk ready and is watching the revelers in living black and white. Even the little guy in the crib is awake for the excitement. This cover by artist Ben Prins is a quintessential 1950’s illustration: the home décor, the rolled-up jeans, and oxfords with bobby socks. Happy 1958!

Now, if that doesn’t sound like an exciting New Year’s celebration to you, consider the poor waiter on the December 31, 1949 cover by artist Constantin Alajalov. Not only does he have to work New Year’s Eve, but everybody except him has someone to kiss.

Okay, that’s sad, but at least he is in a festive environment. The same artist did a cover showing a “scrubwoman” waiting for the midnight countdown. All alone, maybe in the whole darn building, she hangs out the window, waiting to toot her horn when the clock does its thing. Now that’s sad.

Norman Rockwell shows us another waiter in a cover titled The Morning After. The setting is the Waldorf-Astoria in New York. The slump of the guy’s shoulders can only mean one thing: “Where do I begin?” Wherever you begin, make it a great year!

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<em>New Year's Eve Babysitter</em><br />Ben Prins<br />January 4, 1958
New Year’s Eve Babysitter
Ben Prins
January 4, 1958

<em>Midnight and Nobody to Kiss</em><br />Constantin Alajalov<br />December 31, 1949
Midnight and Nobody to Kiss
Constantin Alajalov
December 31, 1949

<em>Giant Clock on New Year's Eve</em><br />Constantin Alajalov<br />January 1, 1949
Giant Clock on New Year’s Eve
Constantin Alajalov
January 1, 1949

<em>The Morning After</em><br />Norman Rockwell<br />December 29, 1945
The Morning After
Norman Rockwell
December 29, 1945

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