Display Your Earrings in a Picture Frame

Make this simple craft and give that perfect pair of earrings a permanent home.

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The perfect pair of earrings can bring new luster to an old outfit. But when one of the pair goes missing—causing you to upturn sofa cushions and bedsheets in a frantic search—the luster might not seem worth it. Solution: Make this simple craft and give those pesky treasures a permanent home. Just make sure you return the “complement.”

How to Turn an Old Frame Into an Earring Display


  • wooden frame
  • window screen


  • staple gun
  • masking tape
  • scissors


Note: If you want to paint, stain, or decorate your wooden frame, do so before any of the following steps.

  1. Lay frame face down on flat surface. Place screen over back of frame and trim screen to roughly the same size as frame.
  2. Laying screen on back of frame.
  3. Staple the screen to the interior lip of frame.
  4. Stapling screen to frame.
  5. Tape loose edges of screen to frame with masking tape.
  6. Taped edges of screen.
  7. Place frame on wall and hang earrings on screen.
  8. Earring Display

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