Cartoons: Coping with the Boss

Perhaps these cartoons will remind you of someone you know and love. (But we doubt it.)

Boss Cartoon

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Boss saying to not forgot who made a sugestion

“Of course, it’s only a suggestion, gentlemen, but let’s not forget who’s making it.”
November 1957


Cartoon of a boss talking about retirement

“So you’ve decided to take your retirement,
Youngblood. … I’ve been wondering when you were going to make it legal.”
September 1981


cartoon of a boss being called a fathead.

“A stockholder to see the fathead in charge around here. Are you in?”
October 1959


cartoon bosses talking at table.

“If they don’t go back to work at those wages, we’ll fire them and run the plant ourselves. Does anyone know just where it is?”
November 1951


cartoon of a boss talking about hard work.

“Hard work and more hard work got me where I am today, Barlow. Not my hard work, of course …”
October 1985


Boss asking about his sandwich. cartoon

“Did you see where the boy put my sandwich,
Ms. Hudson?”
December 1951


cartoon, can go see boss now

“You may go in now.”
September/October 1992


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