Cartoons: Baby on Board

Advice for new parents? Remember to laugh every now and then.

Baby Cartoon

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Baby being weighed on a scale, cartoon.

“She weighs somewhere between 9 pounds
and 18 pounds, 3 ounces.”
August 1949

Cartoon of a kid asking about stork brining the baby.

“Can’t the stork bring it here?”
October 1957

Cartoon, boy saying good by mom.

“I won’t stay long—I just want to tell mom good-bye.”
April 1959

Cartoon, wish for disposable income.

“They have disposable diapers
and disposable baby bottles.
Now if I only had some disposable income.”
November/December 2003

Cartoon about the baby crawling.

“Look, honey! The baby crawled!”
November/December 2003

Cartoon about the baby crying.

“Mother said he was sent down from heaven.
They must have wanted a little peace and quiet up there.”
May/June 1997

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