Cartoons: Stating the Obvious

Ob-vi-ous, adjective. Synonyms: easily seen or understood, clear, evident, apparent or lacking in subtlety. Viewing these cartoons, you may, of course, prefer the succinct and ever-popular “Duh!”

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Cartoon about carrots Saturday Evening Post Octover 12, 1957

“Well now we know—she hates carrots.”
October 1957

Drinking cartoon from Saturday Evening Post October 12, 1957.

“George, you’ve had enough.”
October 1957

Sleeping cartoon from Saturday Evening Post Nov/Dec 1992

“We really should be running along so you people can get some sleep.”
November/December 1992

Cartoon from Saturday Evening Post Nov 1988

“Well, well, Mr. Conner, are we ready to go home?”
November 1988

Right address cartoon from Saturday Evening Post December 15, 1951

“Remember, the important thing on this job is always to get the right address.”
December 1951

Welcome cartoon from Saturday Evening Post October 12, 1957

“I don’t think he represents the Welcome Wagon at all.”
October 1957

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