Cartoons: Gone Shopping

Love shopping? Loathe it? Either way, you’ll identify with these cartoons about retail therapy.

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made in china cartoon from September/October 2012

“It says, ‘Made in China.'”
September/October 2012

Shopping cartoon from April 1991

“I’ll take it.”
April 1991

Buying a ring cartoon from December 9, 1950

“It’s just the thing I’d need to go with that dress I priced that would go so well with that hat I’m dying to get.”
December 1950

buying donuts in bulk cartoon from March/April 1994

“You know, it should be illegal to sell certain things at the bulk food stores.”
March/April 1994

complaining cartoon from November/December 2001

“Would you rather complain about trying on shoes or clothes?”
November/December 2001

Try these on cartoon from March/April 2001

“I take it you won’t be needing to try these on, sir?”
March/April 2001

where to borrow money

“The money we just saved, Ella—do you have any idea where we can borrow it?”
October 1959

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