Cartoons: Car Talk

Sometimes you think she’s more trouble than she’s worth, yet you can’t live without her. We’re talking about your car, of course.

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Car cartoon on mileage from  January/February 1995

“I get about seven miles to the gallon …
my son gets the other 20.”
January/February 1995

Car acting up cartoon from September/October 2000

“The car’s acting up again. It hit a mailbox.”
September/October 2000

Car Temptation cartoon from January/February 2006

“Despite my prayers, I was led into temptation.”
January/February 2006

late car ride cartoon from September/October 2001

“I’m sorry I’m late, but I had car trouble.
I was late getting into it.”
September/October 2001

Horn Fixing cartoon from September/October 1998

“I couldn’t repair your brakes so made the horn louder.”
September/October 1998

Restroom stop on road trip, from July 23, 1965

“I get about 22 miles per restroom!”
July 1965

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