Cartoons: Company Coming

Some family members love it when visitors drop by; others not so much!

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sent to store cartoon from November 18, 1950

“But they must be home. It’s only been a few minutes since they sent me to the store for ice cream.”
November 1950

busy day cartoon from November 29, 1959

“I don’t know about you people, but I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.”
November 1959

good time cartoon from "I really had a wonderful time, and I know Marge did, too." November/December 1997

“I really had a wonderful time, and I know Marge did, too.”
November/December 1997

colder than cartoon from October 1982

“Man! It’s getting colder than a …”
October 1982

you want to come in cartoon from November 18, 1950

“I suppose you want to come in.”
November 1950

Beethoven's unfinished fifth cartoon from April 18, 1959

“I call this Beethoven’s unfinished fifth!”
April 1959

Uncle harry cartoon from October 2, 1954

“Uncle Henry! This is a surprise!”
October 1954

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