Cartoons: Say What?

A slip of the tongue, drowning in jargon, unpronounceable names. Expressing yourself is not always easy.

Say What Cartoons

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Contradiction cartoon

“And I say that without fear of contradiction.”
October 1954

Nobody Home

“And just whom shall I say is—who shall I say—whom is—nobody’s home!”
July 1949

Deductible cartoon

“First let me say that dinner was deductible, … er, delectable.”
Fall 1972

Engrave cartoon

“Engrave it ‘To Constantina with love, Stanaslowski’!”
December 1946

Computer cartoon

“Okay, ma’am, what part of ‘450 MHz processor, memory (SDRAM) 64 MB, hard drive with three inter bays, ULTRA ATA/33, Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T and USB-port’ didn’t you understand?”
January/February 2005

Ticket cartoon

“Well-l-l, I won’t write you a ticket this time—but don’t let it happen again, Mrs. Barczewleborsgewicz.”
November 1951

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