5-Minute Fitness Video: Fat-Burning Sprints

Instructor Molly Tittle shows you how to go all out with sprint-in-place workouts from Paleo Fitness author Darryl Edwards.

Invoke Instructor Molly Tittle demonstrates sprint-in-place workouts from Darryl Edwards.

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Go all out with sprint workouts that strengthen legs, improve cardio health, and burn fat for hours. “Sprinting offers incredible fat burning after the workout is over. This is due to excess post-exercise oxygen consumption during the recovery phase, otherwise known as after-burn,” says functional movement trainer Darryl Edwards who recommends the sprint workouts below from his new book Paleo Fitness (Ulysses Press).

Watch the video and follow along as fitness instructor Molly Tittle from Invoke Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana, shows you how to get the most out of Edwards’ sprint workouts (instructions follow).

1. Upper Body Sprint

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Move arms and torso as though sprinting as fast as you can. Keep upper body facing straight ahead (don’t twist from side to side). Move feet and legs as little as possible and try to minimize hip movement. Keep breathing! Sprint flat-out for 10 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat 8 times. If that’s too hard, sprint for as long as comfortable until you gain strength. Ready for more? Work up to a 30-second sprint with 10-second recovery and repeat 7 times.

2. Crouch to Sprint

Get on floor in a low, crouched, bear-crawl position. Spring up and accelerate into a sprint for 30 to 40 meters. Then decelerate. If that’s too hard, sprint for as long as comfortable until you build strength.

3. Sprinting in Place

Simply sprint on the spot, staying very light on your feet. Advanced variation: Try to lift knees above hip height.

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