I Had a Cello

When a mysterious man leaves his cello at a bus stop, a woman struggles between the yearning to play it and the desire to find its rightful owner.

Person playing Cello
image courtesy lapas77 © Shutterstock

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I watched her walking toward the parking lot and reached out for my cello. It was gone. How could that be? The street was empty; not one pedestrian had passed by, no car had pulled up to the curb. I looked wildly around me. My backpack was still there, exactly where I had put it beside the cello. Icy waves of panic flooded through my arms and legs. Dazedly, I lifted up my backpack. Beside it, something on the ground caught my eye, illuminated by street light and moon. I bent down to look. It was a pristine white, perfectly folded, origami crane.

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  1. What an exciting first! The story read like fact until the very end. It had me on the edge of my chair until the denouement and reminded of O. Henry.


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