Football, American Style

Kick off this football season with some classic covers from the Post.

Referee holding football and blowing a whistle in front of angry football players
Five Yard Penalty
Constantin Alajálov
December 5, 1959

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Kick off this football season with this classic cover collection that spans six decades capturing the spirit of American football, from childhood games to college gridiron to the professional field.

Football, American Style — Click covers to see larger image.


See more cover art from some of the artists featured here:
Constantin Alajálov
Stevan Dohanos
John Falter
Frances Tipton Hunter
J.F. Kernan
J.C. Leyendecker
Norman Rockwell

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  1. Peyton Manning, he is playing very well. In American football, the game He played Interest And it was the ability to impress me very much.

  2. These covers are all great, I love them all. I must say though that in light of this past Sunday’s Superbowl XLIX, ‘Tackle’ from November 1926 with the flying football player is probably the closest representation. Who would have known THAT just a few days ago?


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