April Showers

Even if ambitions are modest — a fishing trip, some yard work, a barbecue — rain can put a damper on things. And it's funny, but only when it's not happening to you.


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April showers may bring May flowers, but before the flowers come there’s usually some fun to be had — or spoiled.

The way a rainy day affected American leisure activities was a regular subject for Post cover artists. The common conundrum of soggy groceries or a cancelled golf outing is something anyone can relate to. Even if your ambitions are modest — a fishing trip, some yard work, a barbecue — rain can put a damper on things. And it’s funny, but only when it’s not happening to you. Here’s a rare view of some of our classic rainy day art from our archive.
Rainy days on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post (click on the covers to see larger image):

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  1. These are all incredible POST covers dealing with many facets of April and May showers. I love them all, but will select several to comment on here:

    3/29/47: The way Falter captured the rain hitting the sidewalk is brilliant and unique, not to mention the rest of it.

    4/2/29: I love the covers of Butch the dog and his misadventures during this ’40s series. Here he doesn’t like being on that leash for a walk in the cold rain. No, not so much.

    4/26/52: Brilliant depiction of a heavy duty storm just minutes away.

    5/22/52: Most likely nice weather in the days prior and after the party!

    5/11/57: Hopefully Mom knows he meant well and will still get a big hug.

    3/22/58: Love the simplicity of the story combined with the beauty of the contrasting colors; brilliant.

    5/24/58: Love the cover overall…but I’m really hoping the lady on the left is running to put the top up on that beautiful yellow convertible!


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