Hitting the Road

Road trip! This week, we're pulling out a collection of our favorite covers of Americans hitting the open road.


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More than 164,000 miles of highway stretch across the United States, the world’s fourth largest country. With that much road crossing 3.5 million square miles, it’s no wonder summer road trips are one of this country’s most popular pastimes. Here’s a collection of our favorite covers of Americans hitting the open road.

Hitting the Road on these covers of The Saturday Evening Post (click on the covers to see larger image):

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  1. We have always loved The Saturday Evening Post…even 80 some years ago when my parents took it. The covers are ALWAYS awesome and Normal Rockwell is a genius. We stopped taking it because we HAD to cut back on expenses now that we are retired. Love Love LOVE the magazine.

  2. Saturday Evening Post has ALWAYS been my favorite magazine. Way back when my parents subscribed to it eons ago. The covers are always CLASSIC, and Norman Rockwell is a genius and you must feel the same way.
    We stopped taking it just to cut back on our expenses now that we are retired. But…love Love LOVE the magazine.

  3. Thank you POST editors for selecting these dozen covers. They all tell a story, with several presenting some real dilemmas. What a predicament from 8/4/51 they’re in with that there cattle!

    The 7/18/53 presents a different kind. Those kids couldn’t be bothered to even get out of the car to see the beautiful scenery. Today they’d be fixated on some kind of tech device the whole time. My answer on the latter is ‘no tech devices, or no vacation for you—which is it?!’

    With 7/7/56 hopefully he deferred to her, and stopped to clarify at their first opportunity. Does anyone know who was correct here?

    “Now I know we got everything packed into the ’54 Merc at home, but on 9/8/56, trying to get home—this just isn’t working, try as I might here.”

    The 8/5/61 cover is spectacular. The irony in 6/2/62 is great, and so was that short-lived but WONDERFUL big logo! The 7/14/62 by George Hughes was great, and ironically appropriate being the final, farewell POST vacation cover with the family symbolically riding off into the sunset.


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